• Hair

    Hair and Styling
    All prices are based upon stylist seniority and are subject to change. For more details please contact us and book a complimentary consultation with a stylist.

    Blow Out $25-$35
    Blow Out with Style Iron (Curls or Flat) $40-$65
    Women’s Design and Style $45-$75
    Men’s Design and Style $25-$35
    Up Style $65-$85
    Deep Conditioning Treatments $15

    Waves $80 and up
    Relaxing $110 and up

    Partial $50-$60
    ½ - ¾ $65-$80
    Full $85-$120
    Gray Coverage $45-$60
    Refreshing Colour Gloss $30-$55
    Gray Coverage with Refreshing Colour Gloss $85-$115

    Correctional Colour
    Our staff is highly trained in correctional colour work. 
    Prices are based upon consultation.